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May 2015 be lots better than 2014 for everyone!
There was a reason the line above appeared along with holiday wishes.
Those of you who go to The Miniatures Page already know, as do those who attend the various conventions Scale Specialties visits: The founder of Scale Specialties, Norman E. Harms (my husband) left this plane of existence on 17. September 2014. He had been hospitalized since 31. August with an insidious blood disease -- fighting a battle he could not win.
Being the military
historian he was - it was NO coincidence that his time/date of death was 05:45 a.m. If you add the 1 + 7, you get 8 and put the 8 in between the 05 and 45 -- you have the date WW II ended in Europe.
I could not post anything here about his crossing because
emotions were too raw, and I had no concrete plan of action. Norm had 'Director of Operations' as his title on the SMS business card... and now it's up to 'Operations' to follow through. There were a number of things we talked about doing, etc. which may become realities but I cannot go into it here. Those of you who met and talked with Norm at any length, or carried on correspondence with him, or conversed wtih him over the phone, understand the breadth and depth of knowledge that has now been lost to all of us. Norm had many facets to his personality, the historian, the author, the scale model builder (from large ships to micro aircraft), professional land surveyor, designer of our decals (Auto-Cad), and most important (to me) my soul mate and light of my life.
Scale Specialties will continue and more decals will be forthcoming.  He had a number in process, and far enough along to complete. The first of these will be 300AC-GER-005 - Battle of Britain part 5 - the ME-109's.  They should be released on what would have been Norm's 74th birthday 22. March 2015.
The next group is scheduled to be 300AC-JP-004 - Bombers... and release date (hopefully) will be on 04. July 2015 - 04. July 1950 was when the Harms family left Missouri for California, and was also the date Norm retired from CalTrans in 2009 after 40 years.
I am looking at a third group for release on 22. November 2015 - what would have been our 20th wedding anniversary... but exactly which set is as yet undetermined.
In 1987 Scale Specialties published Hard Lessons, Vol. 1. Volume 2 has been typeset, and it is now a matter of locating the master computer files and with some help, getting it done.
Regarding conventions.. Scale Specialties will be at HMGS gatherings, and the West Coaster in March in Irvine CA. Whether our presence can be manifested at Memorial Day or Labor Day somewhere will depend on things not yet cast in stone.
So, please know that all the things that Norm and I did were labors of love, for each other, for the gaming industry, and for detailed, accurate preservation of history.
Thank you for reading... and yes, the sale goes on until 15. January 2015. There will be some changes to the website after that date (inventory).
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Sale continues -- see below.

Now in stock: Guadalcanal: Floatplane Hell -- the latest in the Check Your Six wargaming rules set.
Price: $25.00 Cat No. SC-04-11

Take 20% off all Figurehead/CAP Aero and Perrin vehicles, and
20% off all books coded LED, LTM, AJP, AJPM, or BS. These are Polish/English publications
that are out of print -- and probably won't be reprinted.
Email your order to smsnew@earthlink.net - (or fax the order form) to 1-714-535-7486. You may also call your order
in to the same phone number. 
If we have it, we'll sell it -- no backorders please. (Happy browsing!)

THEY'RE HERE and Available NOW! -- the Battle of Britain Continues... new decals -- Luftwaffe part 3 and part 4.

300AC-GER-003 LUFTWAFFE Part 3 - Ju-87 Units (w/Italian)  B.o.B. and N. Africa - Price:  $7.85
Provides national insignias for six aircraft and the choice of individual aircraft identification codes for Staffel/Gruppe from St.G. 51 (4ea - 7. Staffel, 4ea - 8. Staffel, 4 ea - 9. Staffel), St.G. 1 (2 ea from 1. and 2. Staffel) and St.G. 2 (4ea - 1. and 3. along with the famous red and white snake from 6. Staffel II. Gruppe St.G. 2).  Includes Staffel/Gruppe insignias where and when used.  These dive bomber groups (Ju-87s) will be found in service during the Battle of Britain and into the Mediterranean theater of operations offering a choice of camouflage to be used.   Also found on this sheet and joining the Luftwaffe units operating over the Med are representatives of two Royal Italian air force dive bomber units, 237a Squadriglia, 96a Gruppo Autonomo Bombardieri and the 209a of the 97a Gruppo.  Markings for six complete examples of each squadron are provided.

300AC-GER-004 LUFTWAFFE Part 4 - Me-110 units for Battle of Britain, (NW Europe Night Fighters), Med, African and Eastern Theaters of Operations - Price: $7.85
focuses it's attention on the Me-110 twin engined long range German fighter. units of which engaged in the Battle Britain and would be found in the Mediterranean, Africa and Eastern theaters of operations and as one of the Reich's night time defenders.  National insignias provide for twelve complete aircraft models with the modeler/wargamer's choice of individual aircraft squadron/group markings including Staffel/Gruppe emblems.  This choice includes two each night fighters from NJG 1 and NJG 4, five from ZG 2, ten from ZG 26 and one each from ZG 52, ZG 76 and St.G. 3; a total of twenty individual aircraft with their respective emblems.

Printing did go up, and this has pushed the reprints of 3 of our 1:160 decals (001,002 and AC-003) back a bit.

Our latest Decals 300AC-US-014 Full details in "Decals, Ship Names..." above, column 2
For press release: click here
For photos of hellcat/corsair models with more info, click here.

Check out our B-29 aircraft decals for both World War II and beyond (SAC era) . Additional informative text has been added in our Scale Specialties own products section.

Sheet 300AC-US-011
Sheet 300AC-US-012
Sheet 300AC-US-013

In keeping with an era of change...  This is D.G. (Die Geiste) and the reason a lot of computer work doesn't always get done...at least on time anyway. 
This is one of her favorite snooze spots.
And of course Siami -- he was feeling left out !!