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It is no coincidence that this announcement comes on the 4th of July.  It was a special day in Norman Harms life in more ways than one.
It was the day when his family packed up (1950) and got on the road to California (and if they hadn't, Pen might never have met him) --
and July 4 is the official date of his retirement from CalTrans (nearly 40 years there) in 2009.

Therefore, although the decals are not back from the printer as yet, probably in the next 2 weeks, the announcement is made today! 
Scroll down, take a look -- hopefully, you will like them, but please try not to drool on your keyboards.

Price likely to be $7.85
and next, their arch enemies...

P-38's -- including the Yamamoto mission. Price TBA when the decals are back from
the printer.

They're Back !! Scale Specialties Decals No. 160-001 (British Vehicles NW Europe),
160-002 Tigers (Schwere Panzer Abteilung 506), and
160-AC-003 British Aircraft insignia
These have been reprinted... prices remain the same.

Sale continues -- see below.

Take 20% off all books coded LED, LTM, AJP, AJPM, or BS. These are Polish/English publications
that are out of print -- and probably won't be reprinted.
Email your order to smsnew@earthlink.net - (or fax the order form) to 1-714-535-7486. You may also call your order
in to the same phone number. 
If we have it, we'll sell it -- no backorders please. (Happy browsing!)

THEY'RE HERE and Available NOW! -- the Battle of Britain Continues... new decals -- Luftwaffe part 3 and part 4.
See notes in 'Decal Notes' -right hand column above.

Our latest Decals 300AC-US-014 Full details in "Decals, Ship Names..." above, column 2
For press release: click here
For photos of hellcat/corsair models with more info, click here.

Check out our B-29 aircraft decals for both World War II and beyond (SAC era) . Additional informative text has been added in our Scale Specialties own products section.

Sheet 300AC-US-011
Sheet 300AC-US-012
Sheet 300AC-US-013

Well, now Siami is the guardian of the computer.  We lost DG at the end of March 2015.
She was, and still is, much loved.